these folks have truly rocked my world

The Max Wyvern Band

Byron Bellamy
Melissa OlsenVocals (Chief Scientist, First Traveler)
Melissa Olsen
Melissa OlsenKeyboards, Vocals (Sky, Second Traveler)
Max Wyvern
Melissa OlsenBass guitar, Vocals (Planet, Third Traveler)
Darryl Dardenne
Lance Taber
Rebecca Rust
Cello (Planet My Love)

Photos of the three principle contributors grabbed from The Jupiter Sheep.
(they might not be exactly... uh... recent)

Additional Album Contributors

Joel McKinnon
Librettist and songwriter
Byron Bellamy
Album recording, mixing, studio hosting
Tom Barnes
Album mastering
Sophia Valko
Album cover art

Podcast Contributors

Joel McKinnon
Scriptwriter, additional music
Doug Metzger
Narrator, Editor
Melissa Olsen
Ambient music
Alexei Ouzilevski
Additional music

Other contributors or people who inspired the ideas

Brian Levine, Reed Sandburg, Shauna Pickett-Gordon, Monica Dannenberger, Jeremy MacKinnon, Keren Gaiser, Colin Fischer, Nomi Harper, Friedrich Edelmann, John Engle, Julian Barber, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert Zubrin, Penny Boston, Max Tegmark*, The Mars Society.

*For a reference to a quote by Erwin Schrödinger “…a play before empty benches…”, which spurred the long-delayed completion of the project.

The images used on the song pages were all found on the web many years ago for a different project and I don't know who to thank for them. If any are under copyright and the author does not want them used for this purpose, please email

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