never look a gift biosphere in the mouth

Planet my love

I know that we’re dying

Your rivers run empty

My air fades away

Our children retreat

into your deepest havens

Your surface lies barren

’neath the sun’s deadly rays

The pain in my heart

The sorrow I feel

The dread separation

This grief is too real

But I can’t regret

the moment I found you

The joy of our union

in eternity bound

Fairness, beauty, compassion

the province of good mortal beings

The universe cares not for its children

who wait for its pitiless sting

But we made a gift unto heaven

our love, precious and free

As we fade to oblivion

love is our victory!

Planet my love

I join you in dying

There’s no greater glory

than to share our last day

So let us embrace

as we walk through this door

Though our life here is over

our love will yet live… forevermore!

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