extremophiles like to argue

Far from the star of our home world we rest in this ice world we wait for new land

  Blown into space by a terrible blast. A horrible fate is awaiting us here in the void

    Deep space is quiet and restful and cold… hardened ’gainst radiation we sleep

Something comes slowly and makes itself known… now we're on track to a new star

  This monster is pulling us faster we move- away from our neighbors far far away

    A new journey finds us speed fast on our way - the light getting brighter- the cold fades

Here comes a source of new light and heat - a golden beacon - our deliverance!

  We rush to this nightmare, our doom to be scorched - blackened - cold - and dead!

    Maybe a new place to live, eat, and sleep… on a nurturing world?

Only a few must survive…

  Bringing the secrets of life…

    One world grows larger…

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